Working Papers and Consultations

Ofgem’s working papers outlining initial thinking on key options and consultations.


Access and Forward-Looking Charges Significant Code Review – Updates to our Minded-to Positions - 24 January 2022

Ofgem has published a further consultation which sets out updates to their minded to positions. These positions respond to the feedback they received in their previous consultation which closed in August 2021


Access and Forward-Looking Charges minded-to consultation – 30 June 2021

Ofgem’s proposals on access rights, connection charging and transmission network charges.


Access and Forward-Looking Charges Significant Code Review – Winter 2019 working paper

As part of Ofgem’s programme, in December 2018 they launched a Significant Code Review (SCR) into network access and forward-looking charging. The objective of the SCR is to ensure that electricity networks are used efficiently and flexibly, reflecting users’ needs and allowing consumers to benefit from new technologies and services while avoiding unnecessary costs on energy bills in general.

This is the second of two working papers Ofgem published in 2019, and consists of a suite of discussion notes setting out our current thinking on: 

  • Options for reforming the distribution connection charging boundary;
  • Options for focused reforms of transmission network charges; 
  • How options could be applied to small users; 
  • Consumer Panel Report;
  • Behavioural Insight Report on small users;
  • Illustrative examples;
  • External inputs into our work; and
  • Current arrangements.


Access and Forward Looking Charges Significant Code Review - Summer 2019 Working Paper

This is the first of two working papers Ofgem published in 2019 and consists of a suite of discussion notes setting out our current thinking on:

Context and our approach to this Significant Code Review;

  • Options for reform of access rights for distribution and transmission;
  • Network charges:
    • Options for improving locational accuracy of distribution charges; 
    • Charge design options for distribution and transmission charges.
  • Illustrative examples;
  • Linkages between options for reform;
  • Linkages with procurement of flexibility; and
  • Engagement with industry stakeholders.


Ofgem's Consultation – July 2018

Getting more out of our electricity networks through reforming access and forward-looking charging arrangements.