SCR working group publications

A review of the distribution connection charging boundary, considering whether there is merit in moving to a shallow connection boundary.

Connection Boundary - Initial option listing

The report describes a number of options for amending the current distribution connection charging arrangements, giving consideration to more shallow approaches, and examines the rationale for introducing some form of liabilities and or securities.

Reviewing the definition and choice of distribution and transmission access right.

Access Report 1 

This report provides an overview of the basis upon which the GB network operators currently design and operate their electricity networks, highlighting differences in approach and planning standards across transmission and distribution. 

Access Report 2

This report outlines a range of potential options which could form part of a user’s access choice in the future, beyond current planning and commercial arrangements.

Access Report 2 Annex

This is the annex to SCR Access Report 2, containing detailed initial assessments of future options for access arrangements.

Monitoring and Enforcement

The Access SCR is considering how different access choices may benefit customers and network operators. Failure to adhere to the parameters of access products could negatively impact on the electricity network, resulting in dis-benefits for customers. This paper considers options for monitoring and enforcement.

Market Participation Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet aims to identify relevant energy markets (both current and future) and the compatibility between those markets and each access choice. Where barriers are identified, options for their removal are identified.

Feasibility Spreadsheet

The Access SCR is considering a range of access products. This spreadsheet provides a description of each, assessing their feasibility giving consideration to such areas as metering, data collection and processing requirements, standards and control equipment.

Sharing and Trading Explained

This paper explains the similarities and differences between the concepts of sharing and trading of access.  Further, it considers 4 key principles (transparent information sharing; ability to maintain network continuity; visibility of other potential sharing parties; and transparent sharing arrangements) and considers how they might be applied to both concepts.

Distribution Connected Users’ Access to Transmission Network

This paper considers options for how distributed generation might be given formal access to the transmission system. It discusses current arrangements and options for change in the future.

Financial Firmness Considerations Note

This note is to capture considerations for, and the implications of, the inclusion of a Financial Firmness Access choice in shortlisting.  It is collated from the thinking of members of the Access SCR subgroup.

Defining Local Shared Access

This report by the SCR Access subgroup aims to define Local Shared Access Rights including qualifying criteria and potential supporting processes.

Non-firm Access Rights

This paper explores options for implementing Non-firm Access for distribution network users. The options considered cover how curtailment is defined, how it is measured and what actions can be taken when curtailment is considered to have exceeded agreed levels.

Access options at Transmission

This paper explores the access options at transmission. Options cover non-firm access and time of use access for generation and options for demand connections to the transmission network.

Hybrid Options

The Sub-Group has developed a number of non-firm access standardised options. This report explores a shortlist of hybrid approaches to the standardised options. Hybrid options could involve either standardised options that can be tailored to reflect certain users’ or networks’ requirements, or standardised options that can be tailored up to certain limitations.  

Examining what costs should be in the forward looking signal, how costs vary by location and how they can be signalled to users.

SCR Cost Driver Consolidated Report 

This report sets out the foundational analysis of the drivers of network costs to help shape the choice and analysis of charging and access rights.  In particular, the report contains information on the level of seasonality and locational pricing, to enable consideration of charge design that will better manage times of peak congestion.

SCR Locational Granularity of Charging Report

This report provides an overview of the current forward-looking use of system charging regime and considers how increased granularity might be introduced for distribution charges and options for improving consistency across how these charges are set at transmission and across distribution voltages.


Assessing changes to how charges are designed to improve cost reflectivity and signals to users.

Charging design - Initial options listing

The purpose of this report is to finalise charging design options, grouping these between those applying to demand and generation users.

Assessing changes to the charge design for demand TNUoS and whether distribution users should face TNUoS charges.

Charging Design - Initial options listing

The purpose of this report is to finalise charging design options, grouping these between those applying to demand and generation users.

Assessing whether the options can be applied to small users or amendments are required.

SCR Small Users Assessment of Long list of Options

This spreadsheet shows the assessments of the access and charging options carried out by a cross-industry stakeholder group focused on Small Users in November/December 2019.