Resources - Access & Forward Looking Charges Task Force

What Was the Scope of Task Forces?

The Terms of Reference outlined the scopes of the Task Forces, as well as what the expected outputs were. Their contribution and outputs were shared for review at the quarterly Charging Futures Forums. They were also shared with the Charging Delivery Body, to consider the best route for implementation. You can find the resultant outputs from these Task Forces here.


Who was on the Task Forces?

These Task Forces were chaired by Ofgem, supported by Energy Networks Association as secretariat. Task Force members were volunteers representing a spectrum of industry participants - from network users, network owners and subject matter experts.   

View Members of the Access and Forward Looking Task Forces Here


Task Force Meeting Resources

15 May 18 - Joint Task Force Meeting: Minutes

17 April 18 - Joint Task Force Meeting: Minutes

21 March 18 - Forward Looking Task Force Meeting: Minutes

20 March 18 - Access Task Force Meeting: Minutes 

20 February 18 - Joint Task Force Meeting: SlidesMinutesActions

25 January 18 - Forward Looking Task Force Meeting: Minutes

24 January 18 - Access Task Force Meeting: Minutes 

21 December 17 - Forward Looking Charges Task Force Meeting: Agenda, Slides, Minutes

18 December 17 - Access Task Force Meeting: Agenda, Slides, Minutes

1 December 17 - Joint Task Force Meeting: Slides, Actions, Summary