Balancing Service Charges Task Force

Launch of Balancing Services Charges Task Force

Alongside the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) document Ofgem has asked the Electricity System Operator (ESO) to launch a Balancing Services Charges Task Force under the Charging Futures arrangements to provide analysis to support decisions on the future direction of Balancing Services Use of System charges (BSUoS).

The ESO will be leading and providing coordination and administrative (secretariat) support for the Task Force.  The scope for the Task Force and timetable for delivery of the outputs can be found in the Draft Terms of Reference   These will be discussed at the Charging Delivery Body on the 13th December.  

Charging Futures Forum members are also invited to provide comments to the draft Terms of Reference to the secretariat at

If you would like become a member of the Task Force please fill in the online form with your details, no later than 4th January 2019.   

The ESO are currently working to arrange the first Task Force meeting after the Charging Futures Forum on 15th January, the meeting date will be communicated over the coming weeks.

The completed form should be returned to