Access Reform Related Materials

Before the Significant Code Review launch Ofgem sought industry views on how they should prioritise issues with charging arrangements, as well as how they could deliver change through a Significant Code Review.

You can get up to speed on what happened during this consultation using the resources below. Try the podcasts if you want an overview or to find out other network users thoughts on the consultation. For a deeper understanding try the webinar and consultation documents. 

  • Ofgem's Consultation Document

    Getting more out of our electricity networks through reforming access and forward-looking charging arrangements 

    Consultation document
  • Baringa's Analysis

    An analysis of the current issues with electricity network access and charging to inform Ofgem’s review of the need for reform

    Baringas's analysis
  • Consultation Webinar

    Ofgem hosted a webinar on Tuesday 24th July to talk through their consultation. Please click on the link to hear the recording.

    Access Reform
  • Webinar Slides

    Slides from the consultation webinar can be accessed here

    Access Reform slides.pdf
  • Podcast

    Listen to the Lead Secretariat Podcast covering the main points from the consultation   

  • Podcast Series

    Read a summary of views given on our series looking at the access and forward looking charges consultation.

    Podcast series summary