• BSUoS Guidance Note

    A summary of how BSUoS may be impacted by changes

    BSUoS Summary Note
  • Access and Forward Looking Charges Task Forces Guidance Note

    Plain English summary on the proposed changes on Access and Forward Looking Charges from Ofgem's consultation.

    Charging Futures_ Access and FL_ 9_Aug summary note.pdf
  • Targeted Charging Review Guidance Note

    An updated (May 18) summary of Ofgem's proposed work within the Targeted Charging Review (TCR)

    TCR summary note
  • Storage Guidance Note

    A summary of the developments in charging arrangements linked to Storage.

    Storage Summary Note
  • FAQs

    Download our FAQ sheet to find answers to frequently asked questions. This FAQ sheet will be updated regularly and after forums.

    Charging Futures FAQs